About Database of Shame ...

Database of Shame's mission is to flag fraudulent online and offline users, by providing an online database of names and numbers involved in fraud; where people can search and get results if the number is flagged or not. Names and numbers listed herein solely comes from consumers, online pages and blogs.

Foundation of Database of Shame was necessitated by the increasing number of online fraud and abuse of other people's confidence. Any name and number listed with Database of Shame for fraudulent activity has a right to get delisted by sending a request to databaseofshame@gmail.com. Delisting can only take place if the act has been rectified, including payment of money conned. If the delisting request is approved your name and number will be removed. Delisting takes about 15-30 days.

Data on this website contains what has been solely collected from various sites on the internet, an act that was necessisated by the rapid development of online trade in Kenya. This is for the sake of curbing the increasing rise of online fraud. The names will remain in the database until the fraudsters have paid the amounts stolen, a confirmation from the victim will be the only solution for the name to be deleted.

The process of delisting requires contacting Database of Shame user who reported for flagging. In the event the user is unreachable for 15 days, the delisting process will be completed.