Companies to watch out for...

No. Name Summary of Complaint
1 Stendu Enterprises Forex trading con
2 Nakumatt Karen Beware when buying electronics
4 Yonder Africa The company takes money from potential clients but fail to deliver on its services
5 Peris Njeri Maina (Equity Bank) Peris was an employee of Equity bank who transferred a client's money into her own account, four years down the line Equity has not paid the monies.
6 254 Modelling Agency A rogue agency stinking of rascism and more!
7 Total Petrol Stations You fuel with them and within a short time you run out of the said fuel. Just be cautious.
8 Diamond Trust Bank ATM, Karent Branch He withdrew Kshs.10,000, on counting he realised it was short of Kshs.800/=
9 Zetu Deals and Zinduka Zetu Deals claims they have items to sell but in essence have nothing to sell, you'll pay and nothing will ever be delivered
10 Nakumatt Nakumatt and its bad habits
11 Easy Coach They stuff your luggage in the boot and you confirm the same but on reaching your destination, you find that it has gone missing.
12 Eston Cargos They asked for cargo services from Mombasa to Nairobi and has since never paid despite numerous reminders.
13 Salt Restaurant, Mfangano Street Nairobi A client was drugged and his belongings stolen under the piercing eyes of the management who have refused to cooperate to date.
14 Anyiro Agency, Kimathi St. Middle-East job dealer that will dissapear with your monies even before you've left the country.
15 Coast Bus Ltd Rude staff, late depatures, cockroach infested buses etc.
16 Kenya Commercial Bank (KCB) KCB fraudulently debits the client's account and doesn't seem to be bothered about it.
17 Family Bank The client complains about mpesa deposit that at first did not go through, only for it to go through later and the bank taking so long to rectify the errors
18 Equity Bank, Nandi Hills Branch Avoid withdrawing large sums of monies from this branch, seems like an employees tips off the thugs and you are abducted as soon as you leave the bank and your money will be all gone!
19 Gifted Hands, Kimathi St Nairobi They use the policy "Goods once sold cannot be returned"...a bit too harsh especially if a client chose the wrong colour
20 Kenya Power and Lighting Company (KPLC) Tonnes of complaints about inflation of bills especially in the rural areas! Be on the lookout, seek other solutions.
21 Algus Business Support A placing agen Augustine Ochieng Otieno has dissapeared with a clients money, lots of cash!
22 Equity Bank This bank really has ethical issues! Be on the lookout guys.
23 Kweli Deqor Kweli Deqor exists only in the owners imaginations. Do not be cheated, he is a con.
24 Modern Coast Bus You pay for VIP seat, at some point, passengers are changed to another bus and you lose your VIP priviledges with no refund. Rude drivers, poor service and the list goes on...the complains are many, go to Buyer Beware in facebook to judge for yourself.
25 EnnsValley Bakery at Nakumatt Mega Tonnes of complaint from bad chicken in the pie to no chicken in the pie.
26 Mnarani Club in Kilifi How terrible to experience racism in your own country? Mnarani Club in Kilifi refuses to admit some Kenyan girls stating that the club is full only to let in whites.
27 Spaceman Solutions Ltd A frustrated client purchased a brand new laptop, which completely went off after 4 months and has been waiting since 6th of Dec 2016 for the motherboard to be changed.
28 Suraya Property Group Ltd, Nairobi In a nutshell, INVEST WITH SURAYA AT YOUR OWN RISK! Click on the name for more information.
29 Isiolo Catholic Diocese Isiolo Catholic Diocese employs youth and declines to pay them...
30 Patauza.co.ke They claim to sell and/rent houses, post really lovely photos and ask for cash in advance. Pay at your own risk!
31 Ava Medicare in Upperhill, Nairobi Ava Medicare employs nurses for home based care and they don't pay them their dues. Beware
32 CARAT Wedding Rings of Hashiff He sells fake and worthless rings, do not fall into his trap!
33 Dammy Agency, Veteran House 2nd floor Those looking forward to getting a job in the UAE, do not fall in their trap, they are fake!
34 Dreamline, bus travel company They dropped off a 14 year old on the road, at midnight, because she didn't have a receipt to prove her fare had been paid for.
35 Pekan Investment Conned a partner out of her money after selling the land
36 Glenlink Movers The staff who help with the moving end up stealing from the clients.
37 SACCO, A Sacco company in Nakuru This Sacco, you save with them for almot a year, when you ask for loan, you do not get, and will lose all your monies.
38 Nova Academy, Kikuyu School run by South-Africans, expensive uniform, upto Kshs.50,000, racial discrimination, dry taps...
39 Huggies-Kenya Low quality diapers for the Kenyan market, not just one but several users complaining.
40 Swahili Plate Prestige On the advice of the restaurant, they ordered goat meat, which tasted nothing like goat meat. To which the chef also agreed that it was not goat meat, but were still made to pay the entire amount of the unfinished meal.
41 Simple Homes How Simple Homes, real estate fraudsters managed by government officials managed to con innocent Kenyans. Long post...
42 Karen Interiors Design and Decor The kind of BS one gets from some contractors who don't take their work seriously, click on the link to read some more.
42 Amaco Insurance Be warned before you choose Amaco as your cover, the complainant states that one year down the line, he is yet to be paid, Click on the link for more...
43 Kayla Nannies Employment Agency He asks you to send money and will never deliver the nanny.
44 Zuku Subscribe at your own peril! They do not deliver internet, I repeat, they do not deliver! Visit their FB page for evidence on the amount of complaints. Below are today's compaints within a span of 1 hour only.
45 National Oil, Nairobu -Kenya A consumer suffered some serious burns after his gas which was not emitting any order took fire and the whole kitchen was blue in flame...
46 Gyto Security, Kenya The employees of this company are supposed to provide security but end up endangering the lives of those they are supposed to offer security...
47 Safaricom Ltd Safaricom ex-employees are robbing people their monies. Click on the link for more information.
48 Mash East Africa Ltd Mash transporters are famous for exorbitant fares and poor services! Be aware of them.
49 YDX Agency Martin 0710879728 and Tony 0722624455 of YDX Agency, having been hired for a function, to date, they haven't cleared the balance that they owe to the entertainer.
50 Fabtrend254-Instagram Formerly Shoetrend254, pathological conman in the name of Sammy, avoid him at all costs! He has a bad online reputation, he'll run away with your money and block you from ever contacting him
51 Kencabs & Hire Services Ken, if you are going to run a business, honesty should be your policy! Pay up your dues ASAP.
52 Embassava Sacco Embassava Sacco has such a bad reputation, the drivers are thieves who collude with other thieves to steal mostly from ladies. Take those matatus at your own risk! Click on the link for the story...
53 SofaZetu They make hideous imitation of furniture and post pictures that do not at all match with what they make. Be warned! Send a message for the images as proof.
54 Garden Veterinary Services - Runda The vets wrongly administered injections to a dog which became paralysed and eventually died. Due negligence.
55 Muranga High School Murang'a High School is obliging parents to pay Kshs. 40,000 for a fundraiser. They are also forced to sign a letter admitting to the same.
56 Congress Furniture - Ngara Congress Furniture in Ngara deliver poor quality products and will refuse to repair nor refund. Beware
57 Watu Technology Ltd I gave Michael Maitho of Watu Technologies two jobs to develop websites for me. I paid the amounts at ago 20k and 8k. The first job, he didn't follow instruction and made his own things.
58 Shrines Home School and Tuition Center Bensons owns a private tutoring company, you will work for him but he will not pay you. Beware of him.