List ya Wezi from Kenya


List Ya Wezi...

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No. First Name Middle Name Surname Other names Phone no. Region Summary of complaint
1 Kennedy Gathungu KIRONYO Kironyo Wakimwe 0720494393, 070173132 All over Kenya An impersonator who claims to be a lawyer, MP, nominated MCA etc. and will con you your monies by all means, be it doing business, be it representing you in court, watch out for him.
2 David Kitheka MUTUA David Kathaka, David Mutua, Daudi Blessing, Ben Gi Kangundo IT specialist, targets women via FB and public transport, lures and charms you then pulls a fast one on your bank account. Claims to work for Safaricom, promises ghost jobs on payment.
3 Wilson THUO Was a rent agent at Spark Agencies but ran away with all the monies
4 Eunice MUIRIMU Wanja Bypass (Accomplices Irungu, Njoroge, Njau) 0720108419, 0721904025 Broker, City Market Operates from OLX, buys stuff and offers fake cheques
5 Stephen MUNIU Nairobi A pathological conman, has conned over Kshs.1M
6 Lucas MUIRURI Bought shirts and trousers and refused to pay
7 Constance MUKHUNGU Former Equity Bank's agent, on depositing your money, she does fake transaction, a small time thief, WANTED.
8 Patrick Mwangi MUNDIA Car theft syndicate, targets vehicles advertised in the newspapers
9 Samuel Njuguna GATUTHU An accomplice of Patrick Mwangi Mundia (see 8 above)
10 Lucy Ngui MWANIKI An accomplice of Patrick Mwangi Mundia (see 8 above)
11 Dan Mutunga MUSAU Dan Musau Chinesse 0701533022 Nairobi Buyers of fertilizers, uses a white man
12 Brian Amolo ODINGA 0704350006 Nairobi OLX con and car thief
13 Joyce Muthoni MAINA Mombasa Car thief with Umadel Investments
14 Stephen Wabomba ALALA Owner of Venture Capital
15 Stendu ENTERPRISE ***to get his names and phone number*** Forex trading con
16 Williams Abiola RAJESH Furnished apartements and stolen credit cards
17 Daniel Mutisya NGALA 0722878719 Payment of 20K
18 Leonard NJOGU Njogu Matindi Land fraud suspect now conning tenants of their deposits
19 Ida Khanorio NZOMO 0736161541, 0712250656 UNEP employee Issues bouncing cheques for products bought
20 Donald J OUKO Love scammer, con artist, FB is his hunting grounds
21 Kenneth RAYOLA 0719419021 Bamburi Cement dealer Negotiates for cement and takes off with the money
22 Silas NKONGE Director at Perfect Picture Steals professional cameras
23 Milkar Kairang'a NYAMBURA Car thief, targets sellers in OLX and Nation classifieds
24 Noellina ADAGALA Nina 0729112238 Event organiser who never finishes paying others
25 Chris Ledama KINOYA Dissapeared with an Acer laptop worth 39k
26 Naomi NTHINGA Fab Fragrance in facebook 0720465411 Sells fake perfume
27 Fredrick NUNGU Bonga points thief
28 Daniel Makhoha OMUTERE Bought clothes from a shop and refuses to pay 12K
29 Jeremiah OKELO Conned Martin of his hard cash, Kshs. 1.2m
30 Catherine MUTUNE Sold a defunct business and has since migrated to Canada
31 Yussuf Khamais ALI 0713765070 Habib Properties Ltd, Mombasa Dissapeared with huge amount of cash of his business counterpart
32 Josephine MUTANU 0722337354 Conned a group of ladies 100K then changed houses
33 Agnes Aiko BOSCO Relocated to South Africa Rented an apartement, lived for months, failed to pay rent, currently owes 380K
34 Jacinta MUTHONI Sells land to two different people and owes 520K
35 Gloria MANYARA Refused to pay 30K after a transaction
36 David CATTERMOLE the Briton Hires cars and refuses to pay
37 Vek DOOSKIE 0718809425 Soko ya Simu in FB Sells fake phones
38 Paul KIOKO 0721219480, 0787537438 Sweet & Sour A con food caterer
39 Anthony MUTUA 0729001057 Claims to sell stuff but never delivers after payment
40 Anderson NJERU Andy A virtual, serial and pathological conman, keep off him!
41 John KEBABE Lies that Safaricom is employing and cons money instead
42 Richard MWANGI 0712519844 Facebook Gets access to your accounts and starts conning your friends
43 Margaret SUTTON Owns Nyeri Town View Rents out unsafe apartements and useless cars
44 Herman MWANGI 0729394482 Joy Celebration Church, Nakuru Bonga points conman
45 Nancy CHEBET 0700060896 Calls to ask for money to solve her personal issues then dissapears
46 Anne Mwikali SYOKAU Anne Mwikali Nakuru, Thika Cons mostly farmers, in the pretext that she is doing business selling either potatoes, cabbages, onions in bulk. She works hand in hand with the husband Jeremy Serem.
47 Jeremy SEREM Rift Valley A family cartel that organises to con mostly farmers, worked with Anne Mwikali in Nakuru and are known to threaten their victims.
48 Samuel Maina MUHEA Samuel Dollar, Muhea Samuel (Blazer) 072388080, 0726533019, 0720758516 Wanted for obtaining goods with false pretense to pay for the same.
49 Caren GIESEN East African Media Institute, Moi Ave-Nairobi 0725908145 Nairobi The school dupes parents and students, register at your own risk! There are currently no lecturers, hence no lessons.
50 David SILA Eston Cargo, Eston Diamond Logistics 0204442394, 0722525051 Westlands They asked for Cargo services and failed to pay despite numerous requests. Be wary of them.
51 DJ Dolls 0722414055, 0723541181 Started various business with the girlfriend at the time then akamrusha chapa zake after being loaned a whooping .shs. 1.3m!
52 85year old con YET TO FIND NAME This 85 year old conned me by selling a piece of land that was not his. He had all documents in order but the id photo was replaced. They had done this with both new generation and old ids
53 Franklin AKOKO 0721361622 Franklin Akoko is a young CEO who Sabrina relied on for advice on investment. He has swindled her business monies little by little and has totally refused to pay up.
54 Pastor Samuel MUHEA Samuel Dollar, Blazer 072388080, 0726533019, Wanted for obtaining goods with false pretense to pay for the same.
55 Fred SALATON Kinayia, Ntimama Kiserian, Coast, Dubai He borrowed Kshs. 500,000 and to date hasn't paid half of it, 3 years down the line.
56 Christine Wambere WAITHAKA Aisha Small, Habesha, Zainabu 0720670009,0708757009,0772198450 All over mostly Nairobi Claims to be an undercover with CIA working under USAID and UN but a robber with violence in real life, working with some other dangerous men.
57 Eglon KITAWI Was sent to pick a car in Sept 2008 but decided to pocket part of the money, which the owner is reclaiming to date.
58 Rosemary NJERI 0722 487 738 Anyiro Agency, Kimathi St. Middle-East job dealer that will dissapear with your monies even before you've left the country.
59 Machel ONGIRI Went to pick up a car after being given cash money, brought the car back minus the logbook, apparently he didn't pay the full amount. (several complainants)
60 Kennedy Njenga NYAMBURA Oowner of Property Hive (k) Ltd. Anybody who knows his whereabouts, please report to Central police. He has conned many of their hard earned cash in the name of selling land. Let buyers beware so you don't fall prey. Kaputiei North Kitengela
61 Musau MUSAU 0719333373 Imara Daima Bought goods on credit worth Kshs.10k, and has refused to pay.
62 Walter AKOLO Walter runs a pyramid scheme in disguise and we all know how such end, bankruot! So invest with him at your own risk
63 Edwin WANGWE 0724072919 Eldoret Edwin sells Mpesa line then reverses the ownership rendering one to remain with unfunctional sim card,he is based in Eldoret but travels to other citys selling Mpesa argent sim cards
64 Nelson Mungai KANAI Wakanai Waka Waka This loud-mouthed shameless guy swindled a 22year old girl living and toiling hard in Lebanon of her Kshs.51,000/=. Information was gotten on social media and click on his profile for more. Check out his photo and be warned.
65 Joab APOPO Suspended lawyer Nairobi Joab Apopo a lawyer by profession who has since been suspended since 2013, according to his records in the LSK page conned some guy of his Kshs.6.2million!
66 Kibet KOSKEI First and Fast Capital +254072155497 Nairobi Kibet of First and Fast Capital wanted Pay pal currency to pay for his websites. He was sent 299$ with a promise to repay before Jan 10th 2015 but has since blocked his debtor.
67 Anthony Kefa ODIERO Fitness Trainer Nairobi He refuses to pay Kshs. 6,000 and then ends up insulting the person who he owes the money.
68 Betty MULI Director of Baby Stuff Betty Muli owes Kshs.800,000 to a lady who was a friend of hers I imagine and hasn't paid a single cent since 2012.
69 Dr. Paul MWANIKI Chairman of PSK 0724-623733 Nairobi Dr. Mwaniki is the chairman of PSK and owner of Kileleshwa Medical Center, took out a loan paid some and the rest was paid by the guarantors who are now seeking a refund. But he remains stoic and arrogant in Buyer Beware where he comments.
70 Raymond KIPKOSGEY Eldoret This lady lent Raymond Kshs. 235,000 about 2years ago, to date he hasn't paid up.
71 Mustafa PAKISTANI 0788304609 Nairobi Guys please help track this guy. He is a Pakistani. He stole cash and electronics from my cousin sisters house. Please circulate and share this post. Contact 0722727381 for any info on this person.
72 Suraya PROPERTY Nairobu, Kenya One day when I'm old and grey and somebody comes to interview me about my one big regret in life, it won't be the usual...that I didn't spend enough time with my kids, that I didn't spend enough time with family, that I didn't give back to the community.
73 Nicholas Kipleliet RONO Wife - Joyce Rono 0724 227576 They are Masters of bouncing cheques!! So I worked for this company!! When I resigned, I was given cheques attached below as my final dues!! All the cheques worth 90k bounced!! Trying to contact them to pay me, they took me rounds. So last week, I exposed
74 Jacob Lucas Pentagon Hotel 0723998399 Kisii-Kisumu Rd Jacob colludes with his brother Lukas Elkana, who works in Kisii County, to offer bouncing cheques on outsourced services. Click on the link for more...
75 Corrupt Kenyan POLITICIAN Government of Kenya Nairobi A Kenyan politician has grabbed a public road, obliges every car to pay Kshs.250 in order to access their business and places of work. Parking fee is being collected by Diire Investments, the same company that collects parking fees in Eldoret Internationa
76 Billy Ngome DZUMBE Please help me get my money back,Billy ngome dzumbe owes me 4500 since 2010. plz kindly ask him to return my money. cnts 0727002512
77 Nelson KIARIE 0711915370 Worked as an Uber driver on a rented car and declined to pay.
78 Leah MUIGAI 0722661328 Bought clothes in May 2016 and has refused to pay since then, instead sending rude messages.
79 Serial Laptop THIEF Nairobi This guy is a serial thief! He has been reported as one since 2013, stealing mostly from offices.
80 Sara Maid FROM HELL This lady left a 7 month old baby alone in the house with a pillow on its head! If it were not for the big sister, the baby was definately going to die.
81 Dan J KASINA Joshua 0733739516 Dan was listed in LSK website and is since inactive when the complainant threatened to expose him on monies owed of approximately Kshs. 50,000
82 Glen David KIIRU This guy works with and for Kayla Nannies Employment Agency, he asks for money and never delivers the nanies.
83 Kuldeep SHAH Kuldeep Shah of Bela Vista Travels has conned many through his new business, whereby he promisess to book tickets and other things upon receiving payments, and never delivers.
84 Bob Ngunga MALOBA 0720827871 Westfield Motos, Kitale His guarantors paid his debts when he was unable to, now that he is working his keeps making empty promises, since 2010.
85 Keith MAERO Keith Ndombi (fb name) 0735674397 Owes Kshs. 40K since September 2015
86 Simon MOSIRO He poses as a deco expert but either delivers a shoddy job or never delivers at all! Several complaints against him are up.
87 Ruth Karambu KIMATHI 0713402299 Nairobi, Meru or Isiolo Ruth is a scammer. We were doing business together, she borrowed money for some unrelated business, then disappeared. I even called the person who introduced me to her and I was told the same thing happened to her.
88 Augustine Ochieng OTIENO 0721941658 Thika I urgently need to find a job placement agent who has fled with our money amounting to over Ksh. 300K. Name: Augustine Ochieng Otieno. Director: Algus Business Support. Coop Bank, Thika Branch.
89 Ramy HOSNY His father Id like to warn people about one Ramy Hosny and his Father of Mazen royal furniture. Last October they had their vehicle repaired at my workshop and from that day it has been stories and lies.. I'm running out of patience asking for what is mine but some
90 Rita WANJA 0722866575 This lady was lent Kshs.250,000 by a colleague and has since refused to pay.
91 Anthony OKECH Omondi Tonney in FB 0710202227 Anthony Okech claims to be a realtor working at Centum, borrowed Kshs.120,000 and has since refused to pay.
92 Dominic MANONO Senior Sargent Manono (FB name) 0725565191 He borrowed the money in the name of transporting n buying materials I sent him the 64k n my sz sent him 50k ...Mind you I hustle in Saudi arabia. He promised to pay this Feb. His phone number is 0725565191 FB senior Sargent manono real name Dominic mano
93 Caroline MUCHIRI 0726315956 A warning is given to those people who lease out their cars, this lady will not pay your monies nor repair charges for the car.
94 Fred MWASHI 0721 390 478 A friend sold to him his shop and has since refused to finish paying Kshs.62,000.
95 George AMOLO 0723353081/0722171097 George Amolo is a building contractor who has refused to pay Kshs.166,000 to one of his furniture suppliers, who took out a loan for the same.
96 Maureen MOMANYI 0721683470 Fedha Estate, Nairobi Maureen is the mother of all scams, runs a fake cancer organisation EARLY CANCER CARE AND DETECTION CENTER in Nairobi, more in the link
97 Sammy Mwaura KAMAU +254721670609 Sammy Kamau goes around asking for monies from his friends and never pays a dime. Be warned.
98 Joseline Wanjiru MURIUKI Josylink General traders, Josylink limited +254723827100 Nairobu, Kenya Joseline had a goverment project (tender)in Kisii to build the Wall and Gate house for kiligolis Law courts in early 2015. A project she was fully paid 11 million She come and requested since he had a child that was young(less that one year and breastfee
99 Harrison Onyebuchi OBIECHI A ldy gave him Kshs. 300,000 for his shoddy deals and he has since dissapeared. Small wonder how many he has conned in the same manner...
100 Donald BARAZA Don Don Nairobi A lady gave him money to help with importing of a car, he promised that the car will be in Mombasa by July, 3 months down the line it's one lie after another. Be warned!
101 John Njoroge MURAYA My friend hired his car to this guy six weeks ago and the guy disappeared with the car and his phone went dead. Anyone who can recognize the guy and provide information leading to his arrest will be rewarded as will any leads towards the recovery of the
102 Alphonce OMONDI Jamoko Omondi Pennsylvania Alphonce Omondi alias Jamoko Omondi is a perpetual wife batterer. He has continously beating up his wife to a pulpe and the complaints finally saw the light of day. Now his sorry arse belongs in the Database of Shame, click link for more...
103 Purity Obondo ONDISA Purity was employed as a house help, she left, and was later taken back because she was good with her work. But on a Monday morning, she just decided to leave and took with her her employer's camera, and other stuff that her employer's yet to discover.
104 Amos Oningu MANGULA 0741877757 Nairobi Amos Oningu Mangula registers in dating sites, comes to your house and steals from you in pretext of asking for water. Watch out for him.
105 Julius Mupa NDEGWA 0714466081‬ If you know someone called Julius Mupa Ndegwa please ask him to return my money, Kshs. 17,000. This is a case of Kcb-mpesa wrong number transaction, switches off the phone completely on 9/2/2018.
106 Michael MAITHO Nairobi I gave Michael Maitho of Watu Technologies two jobs to develop websites for me. I paid the amounts at ago 20k and 8k. The first job, he didn't follow instruction and made his own things.
107 Beatrice WANJIRU ID No. 28085230 00254723875190 Beatrice pretends to sell stuff online only to con people from non-existing goods and her conniving skills are not limited to Kenya, she does it in all African groups.
108 Eric KAGONDU ID No:23950584 0721959094 Eric is a fake car importer. He'll fleece you of your money in the guise of importing a car on your behalf, only to get hold of the car with the intention of selling it off!
109 John Karumbo MUKUNDI 'Tony' 00254 790 916 153 'Tony' a Kenyan guy convicted in the US but living in Kenya is a known CONMAN! Engage him at your own risk. He plays in the millions league. Be afraid people.
110 Vincent Onyiego NYABUTO ID number :25985369 00 254 733477157 Nairobi Vincent is a conniving driver on hire who will use his car for illicit transactions and won't bother to pay you any money that he makes. Watch out for him.
111 Desmond Gesora MAOGA Works as a driver, he will take your car, work with it, not pay you a single money and intentionally damage the car. Be warned.
112 Camera THIEF He walked in in a photo shop for a photo and walked out with the camera. In short, he went in there to steal and steal he did. Beware of him
113 James Kirimi BENSON Shrines Home School and Tuition Center 00254 723 957703 Nairobi Bensons owns a private tutoring company, you will work for him but he will not pay you. Beware of him.
114 Felix Otieno JUMA 00254 740 346026 Nairobi Felix will pick up your information from LinkedIn and notifies you of a fake job opportunity and it all goes downhill from there...
115 Miles ATSU 00254 743 159569 Miles lures Mpesa agents and steals from them. Be watchful of his looks and smart tongue.
116 Isaiah ALUODO Beleck Nairobi A known phones and laptops and computer thief around Nairobi.
117 Cornelius Waweru SALIM Thika Cornelius is a car broker in Mombasa. He forges car documents and will con you off your hard earned money, He relocated from Thika after being sort after by CID for obtaining money falsely and for his conman like behaviour