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Profile of : "St. Mary's Langata Maternity"

Hospital Name : St. Mary's Langata Maternity

Detailed Complaint : Actually from my experience ST. MARYS LANG'ATA maternity is place ("not a hospital") where you take a person if only you wish them dead. Expectant mothers deliver safely out of sheer luck. I bet the results would be the same had it happened in the streets. I lost my first born thanks to their first class negligence. I remember There was a big blood stain next to my wife's bed for around 2 hrs I spent in the ward. Little did I know that that was just a tip of the iceberg. Later that evening, my wife called only to tell me that my son died in the womb. No words can explain how I felt. I rushed there and realized around six mothers lost their babies that evening. The next day they showed me my son's body wrapped in some sheets with my wife's name on them. I just wish something could be done done to save other families the agony I went through. If I knew how, I would have the hospital shut down.