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Profile of : "Mater Hospital"

Hospital Name : Mater Hospital

Detailed Complaint : MATER HOSPITAL a no go zone if u care for your loved ones. After an accident in Mombasa, and being in Nairobi now I went to Mater hospital for follow up. Spent three hours in pain(I can barely sit down) without being attended to. A small 'doc' passes by and does a check barely looking at my discharge letter frm msa, requests blood tests and i pay 3900 upfront on top of 1200 registration. another 2 hrs later after much msukumano the lady 'doc' tells me I have infections n have to be admitted. I refuse and leave with my guardian to another hosi. 1 hr later I leave fully shughulikiwad. kumbe the discharge letter says my wounds to be checked and stitches removed.(cant read doctors chinese handwritting u know) I noticed very idle young 'docs' with small trousers going up n down the wards doing absolutely nothing. Am sure they are looking for people to fill these beds if not the mortuary Patient service is one of the worst....a relative CS turned septic and they duly discharged her when her tummy was swollen..serious vomiting one day later and she was rushed to Nrb hospital who discovered the main issue and infact had to operate her again after the CS to correct the situation. Thank God she is today ok but the experience was the worst. Inexperienced doctor was put to handle her emergency CS and the result was thus. A secod relative got an accident and had to be dashed for emergency brain surgery through some hole. They refused to work on her until we fully raised Kshs. 400,000 in the wee hours of night. Despite all however both are alive.