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Profile of : "St. Francis Community Hospital, Kasarani"

Hospital Name : St. Francis Community Hospital, Kasarani

Detailed Complaint : I am a very bitter person as I write this; My very own sister died in the hands of very unprofessional docs and nurses... From admission to the mortuary.. Everything is wrong in this hospital... They are simply money minded... One Dr , I will never forget you... On the patient’s file you indicate possible Intoxication... but on the summary referral notes... You indicate TB and menengitis... Where did these last two conditions start getting tested by eye and not laboratory investigations? The hospital billed us of an xray which they never did and never got results... A lumbar puncture could not be performed to ascertain that the patient really had menengitis.... At some point you forced us to send the patient to ICU ‘on condition that we present 150k in the middle of the night!!!!!! Where did you expect us to produce 150k in cash at night???? The nurses there are simply RUDE.... could not be approached even for a simple drip injection!!!! Where did humanity go? Where did professionalism disappear to? When my sister died... the way they certified death shocked me.... You did not even leave the patient for 1 hour to ascertain that she was really dead!!! In 10 minutes the Morgue attendants had been called in to carry the body after a 1 minute resuscitation which FAILED!! The mortuary is a story for another day... We had to cough 2k extra for us to be allowed carry the body.... Oh MY GOD!!! I will never forget, St francis Community Hospital I curse the day I stepped foot in your hospital Very bogus, uncouth, unprofessional, Money minded, excuse of human beings.... God will avenge my sister’s death!!!!! May her soul rest in peace