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Profile of : "Stendu Enterprises"

Company Name : Stendu Enterprises

Detailed Complaint : BEWARE OF ANOTHER FOREX TRADING CON Hallo. This is to warn guys coz i have fallen victim. (And yes we never learn). In 2012 i invested with a company called Stendu enterprise. He was doing forex dealing. He paid the returns for dec 2012 and jan 2013. After that he said there would be a delay becoz of elections. We all understood. Since then he has been making promises to pay and has never paid anyone. Sadly we cant get him. His office location was his old father's hse and he has since moved out and not told his folks where to. It is really hard to hustle the his dad. I really feel bad for 2 of my friends who invested 1m each. His numbers are on though he doesnt pick. Guys pls dont invest with this guy. It is sad becoz if anyone ever wants to be a genuine financial planner they will be treated as cons. REPLY BY Mary Kiama: The guy is very much alive and responding to texts with his usual fake promises as late as yesterday afternoon. I u/stand guys have lost millions through him. I lost 10k which he has been promising to pay for the last 2yrs. Those interested in pursuing the matter, inbox. By the way he is a member of this group!! Just that i dont know under what names.