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Profile of : "Nakumatt"

Company Name : Nakumatt

Detailed Complaint : Hi mums. I heard rumors a while ago how nakumatt cashiers steal from shoppers and I wondered how but today I met an aggressive one. I had a credit note for 3 empty keringet bottles so after scanning all items this cashier asks me for cash and I asked ati what's the total again he tells me the amt inclusive of 3000k and I told him I thought I gave you the receipt for the bottles. To my shock he told me wee hukuona nimescan? So I let him do his thing gave him my card swiped the whole amount n I decided I will go through the receipt while still there. So I discovered 3000 was not credited but indicated as extra payment. So I asked to explain what that means n he just gave me 3000 cash and said 'twas a mistake. Sad enough the packing guy who pushed the trolley for me to the car told me madam that was good always be careful Hawa Watu wamezoea vibaya sana kuibia customers....this happened at prestige...