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Profile of : "Easy Coach"

Company Name : Easy Coach

Detailed Complaint : The said passenger travelled with EASY COACH ON SUNDAY 14th Sept. Personally witnessed the loader pack his suitcase into the boot and got into the bus, on reaching Nairobi, the Suitcase could not be was no where to be found. Severally calls at Easy Coach Offices in Nairobi and Kisumu have not yielded much. The Bus did not make any stop overs to pick up any passengers or drop any. Where could the suitcase have disappeared to? ------------------------ I also lost a bag (watch, 4,000/=,ID, job ID, keys,purse wallet,) while travelling in Easy coach frm Kakamega to Nbi...I was shocked at how unhelpful they are... so unhelpful, so insensitive... sawa tu ----------------------- This happen to me car wheel tyre was load into the bus ,on reaching my destination, it was changed with an older one.