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Profile of : "Eston Cargos"

Company Name : Eston Cargos

Detailed Complaint : There is this guy by the name David Sila of Eston Cargo Links or Eston Diamond Logistics. They are based at The Office Park Suite M1, along Riverside Drive Westlands. His no 020-4442394 or 0722-525051, office no. 0736-111111. We transported cargo for him from Mombasa to Nairobi and charged him Ksh 85,000/=. This was in August 2013. Since then we have been calling and knocking at their door for our payment and getting fake promises. However, on 5th April 2014, they sent us Kshs 20,000/= via mpesa and promised to send the balance within the week. They dishonoured the promise and I had to go there myself where I demanded the payment from the CEO, Sila. He gave me a cheque for 9th may 2014, which was some 3 days away. On the day we were to deposit the cheque, we received a call followed by an email requesting us not to deposit on the day but to do it on 14th may. We complied and waited for the 14th. We later came to learn that the cheque had bounced. This is in itself a criminal offence! We followed this with many calls to them which were unanswered until 6th august 2014, when we wrote a formal demand letter to them giving them an option of paying soonest or we engage the service of a debt collector, whose cost would be settled by them. We also included the Kshs 2,200/= that the bank charged us for the dishonoured cheque. Can you imagine, when we sent our messenger to take the demand letter to them, the people at their office refused to receive the letter, purporting that they are not allowed to receive anything on behalf of their boss. I then told my guy to insist that he would sit there until someone received it, signed and stamped a copy. Even if it meant spending the night there! After some hours, a certain Auckline Tranfen( never understood the name) signed and stamped the copy. Till now, they never pick our calls and have never contacted us. I recently met another transporter who told me to forget it coz they will never pay. Apparently, they owed him and he had to forget it after some years. However, I told the transporter that I belong to a group that has been assisting people get back what is owed to them. BB, help me get our hard earned Kshs 67,200/= from this con .