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Profile of : "Coast Bus Ltd"

Company Name : Coast Bus Ltd

Detailed Complaint : Coast bus ltd. Rude staff, late depatures, cockroach infested buses etc. Check out their FB page and see they NEVER respond to complaints by travellers who've used them. This aloofness in this day and age cannot be accepted. As we head into the Dec rush season, I suggest you air them out for the trash they are and coerce their management to resolve their pathetic services or quit the biz once and for all. Courier services zao pia ni mbovu kabisa.Customer care is very wantinng huku. They never pick their calls and no one is ready to assist. An askari chewing miraa once almost hit me because I demended to be served and the person manning the counter was stepping out. Coast bus/ air has always been my favourite until two weeks ago when it broke down @ Mtito Andei for 7 effing hrs . From 2-9 p.m. Very inconsiderate, one bus left mums with kids out in the cold and the coast air bus was just terrible no air con, uncormfortable seats n luggage space had issues, roaches argggh! Should hve booked the kawaida bus nkt! Dreamline is not so bad