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Profile of : "Modern Coast Bus"

Company Name : Modern Coast Bus

Detailed Complaint : Buyer Beware I have Booked a Bus With Modern Coast,Heading to Nairobi (The Vip Seat) ofcourse you pay More than the Rest of The Seats. Not that im Special but i had bussiness to do so fatique ws not part of my Deal. We get to Mtito and they Exchange us On Another Bus Which has no Vip Seats.. I have Ranted and Vented In Vain. Pissed Off Modern Coast Customer Why pay Extra?my money my right! Buyer Beware!!! (2) They are very stupid,travelled wth them early january same vip seat,told them to punguza ac coz of my lo,driver mswahili told me shauri yako utajipanga,wee hajawai ona wazimu...neva again. (3) I once booked modern coast from Busia to Nairobi...It was supposed to arrive in Busia at 10pm from Kampala. arrived at 2:30am...we sat there hopelessly with a very stupid guy in the name of office manager, not talking to us, their head office numbers not going through aarghhh....modern coast is just a sham (4) Was avoiding to share my agony but I guess I will. I have travelled severally with modern coast. Recently these people really pissed me off. I made my bookings early for the Oxygen bus ,arrived on time and we started the journey. Most of the time in the Oxygen bus they do give snacks. My daughter a four year old is always excited about this part(you know kids).That day it wasn't going to happen that way. As usual the lady giving snacks came round doing her thing then in the middle of the bus all snacks were done My daughter kept asking why she hasn't received hers. When I sought to find out from the lady. This is what she said. ..zimeisha unataka nifanye nini. Ohhhhh. I didn't see that rude response coming. I informed her for the high fares guys pay to receive the best they want and if it doesn't happen a humble explanation would do. I made it clear that those tu snacks were not my priority. Either way kwani ni pesa ngapi. I went back to my daughter and explained to her though not convincingly but promised to buy her hers once at Mtito. Every time my daughter sees Oxygen bus this is what she says. ..mum hiyo ndio gari ilininyima snacks. Anyway lesson learnt....