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Company Name : Spaceman Solutions Ltd

Detailed Complaint : Am posting this til an action is taken. Am a very disappointed client of Spaceman Solutions Limited Spaceman Nairobi. I purchased a HP Laptop i7 Pro book 450 in Mombasa the Moi Avenue off Mohdhor Mohd road Branch worth 75,000 and it had a one year warrant. I was served by Cinderella kezia. Barely 4months down the line the laptop started beeping every time I switched it on but I thought it was a windows problem, two weeks later on Saturday Dec 3rd the laptop went completely off . I took it back to the shop and they told me the problem was the motherboard. Since 6th DEC 2016 I have been waiting for the motherboard to be replaced with a functional one. Posing a question whether this laptop was already faulty before purchasing it,coz how can a brand new laptop's motherboard crash in 4months? Are you selling refurbished stock as brand new stock coz that is illegal I believe? They gave me its hard disk to extract my files. After following up on my laptop, they gave me a lower grade laptop to use but it can't play even a light 720 HD video, it is of no help at all considering I use HD files and they know that. I went there last week on Tuesday 31st January, the salesperson, the same person who sold it to me arrogantly sent me to the technical guy called Alfons. he promised me I would get my laptop the following Tuesday,that is tomorrow, but he said I should enquire about it on Saturday. On Saturday I called him and said they imported the motherboard but it had a malfunction on the laptop. It has taken them two good months to import one motherboard, he said I have to wait for them to import another one.The fault was on their side but now am suffering for that. I have deadlines to meet. Clients might even think am lying to them. I had a reason why I bought an i7 and not any other,due to the nature of my work so it makes no sense to have a laptop that I currently don't use,in pretext that you have given me a solution. Replace my laptop if you don't have a motherboard for mine. Once you repair that other one,then you can absolve it into your stocks!!! I Am very disappointed ready to take further action on your company of a solution is not gotten. How long am I going to wait and suffer?Is there another client out there being treated this way? Do I have to involve Consumer protection to have your firm investigated coz that's not a threat, its a warning am giving you!!! This is so frustrating.