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Detailed Complaint : Talked to the fella, he gave me his woman's number...and the con begins. Was to meet her yesterday, she had "just left the site for some urgent doctors' meeting in Nyali" Was to be back around 6pm, she never got back. All their phones were going unanswered. Called back this morning, con continues. Here's an excerpt of the chat I had detailing the experience to my pals Starts: People, errrm, I think this house is a long con game. No one has taken it yet, but the lady says there's a lady who promised to head to the bank and send her cash. Then she asked me to talk to the mzee then see what to do because it is a first come first served basis, since yesterday The mzee says all the payments are handled by the wife, who will give me the keys after making payments. All he wants is my details after I have made the payment, my email address and ID number so he can know who is moving into his house...but he's out of town. So, I get back to speaking to the mama on phone. Mzee says he dropped her off kwa site waiting for some materials. But jana when I spoke to the lady, she had left the site, and was heading for some urgent doctors' meeting in Nyali, and she was driving herself. Rent is 18,000, one deposit (which is weird for such a high profile house, because deposits in Msa are usually 2 months, and for such a house....errrm, but I will hold off on that) and 2k for water, ju electricity ni prepaid. Speak to the mami again, she's like her schedule is very busy, if only I would have called her earlier? called last night and they both refused to pick, sent them both a message to let me know the status of the house so I can schedule a meeting in the morning, no response. So she says, I can send the deposit to shikilia the house then see it later, and pay the rest and take the house....that's a very good way to get 18k for a house yenye materials zilikuwa zinapelekwa, and hakuna caretaker.... Besides, mzee was kind enough and understanding to say rent unalipa ni ya February, not January, and his explanation...unajua January ni ngumu sana kwa watu, so ukilipa you are paying for February. Woman insists her schedule is so tight, she also needs to go to the airport for I dunno what....and she has a very funny sounding voice....I asked her if she can spare 5-10 minutes, I can meet her wherever she is I give her the money, and analenga hiyo story, I just send the deposit to show am committed to the deal. Mzee; you can agree with her, send her the deposit, then if you don't like the house, they will am telling Mama, let me send you deposit for water, 2k then the rest I give you when yuo find time to meet me and give me the keys...akaruka..hiyo ni deposit ya maji si ya nyumba.