Fraudulent Companies - Kenya


Profile of : "Yonder Africa"

Company Name : Yonder Africa

Detailed Complaint : I wish to bring to your attention that Yonder Africa Ltd (see attachment) does not operate on the principle of integrity. This is from first hand experience. I may not go into the details (unless special request is made) but the company seems to be in a habit of taking money from potential clients but fail to deliver on its services (listed on the attached document). I have decided to do this because I think many folks running fictitious companies are ruining the reputation of my country, Kenya, and its citizenry. Somebody has to stand up against this trend. Please warn your fellow citizens, colleagues or associates that if they have to deal with this company, and such like, let them not pay any monies upfront. Let the products be verified as authentic, legal and that they meet the minimum quality standards and that the deliveries be made first. Otherwise, there is risk that many unsuspecting (potential) consumers will be swindled. I have copied this mail to the CEO of this company so that he can refute this claim if I am not telling the truth.