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Profile of : "Gyto Security, Kenya"

Company Name : Gyto Security, Kenya

Detailed Complaint : Hi... My names are xx. I have a small situation that I pray and hope you can assist.... On Sunday evening (4th June) , my wife and I arrived home around 11pm. We were still talking in the car when a GYTO SECURITY askari came telling me we should not be in the car. I asked what the problem was since its my car and I live a stone throw a way from where I had parked (sic).He called his 'bosses' so they may explain to me why I shouldn't be in my car... in my estate(i have lived here for 2years). The watchies released the dog on me and one was holding me pushing me towards the dog. I tried running but one watchman pushed me and I fell breaking my leg. The whole time my wife was screaming at them to stop and hold the dog. some neighbours saw everything and two actually rushed me to hospital(my wife can't drive). I have a cast on my whole left leg...I'm yet to do a couple more rabies jabs. Will be unproductive for two months... How can I get justice? I hear there are 3such cases in the estate but GYTO security is well connected so they believe they are untouchable... kindly assist...