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Profile of : "Safaricom Ltd"

Company Name : Safaricom Ltd

Detailed Complaint : BEWARE OF SMARTER DIGITAL CONMEN: We suspect there is a click of employees who were sacked from Safaricom that have turned conmen and are smart enough to use digital technology to outsmart Safaricom. They are sending messages from a mobile number that reads; SAFARICOM and not from their personal line as we have always thought. A friend of mine received an sms text message below from a phone number which read; 'SAFARICOM'. But little did he know that this message wasn't from Safaricom. These were conmen, who latter called him on his phone and told him that his mobile line was not registered with Safaricom and asked him to send his full names and the date of birth. He told them that he cannot trust them with his personal information because the phone number they were using to call him indicated that they were not from Safaricom and he is aware that the normal Safaricom line is only; 0722000000. But the conmen told him to check and see if the SMS text message he has received is not from Safaricom. The message read: "Please enter this PIN:3702 to log onto your Safaricom Mobile App Account. Kindly note that it is a One Time Password. Do not share this PIN. NI SIRI YAKO!" Indeed when he checked the sms text message, it was not from a personal line but it was from SAFARICOM. So my friend trusted them and he gave them his full names and date of birth and they managed to use this information to withdraw from his M-PESA account Ksh. 65,000/- and borrow Ksh 5300/- from his M-Shwari account. Kindly beware of these conmen. Please share this text message to at least 5 people because these conmen are a big harm to our society. Thank you! May God bless you as you share the message