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Profile of : "Mash East Africa Ltd"

Company Name : Mash East Africa Ltd

Detailed Complaint : On Sunday 4th June i was to travel with a colleague from Mombasa to Nairobi. Having failed to get an available bus to travel during the day, and with poor logistics of the much hyped SGR, we decided to try Mash East Africa ltd buses since we had to report to work on Monday morning. That was the worst mistake we made. Our bus was departing at 8.30pm and were at the waiting bay on time ready for the journey. We had booked VIP seats at 1,600/=, paying a premium, in the hopes of getting a comfortable ride so as to arrive well rested. When the bus came for boarding, we couldn't believe our eyes. A KBT 110D bus that has surely seen better days. The seats were old and discolored, it had a dump pungent smell. The AC was not working and the bus was vibrating so strong when in idle mode parked. The whole journey felt like a ride on top of a lorry from Turkana to Lokitaung.. I have traveled using many buses to Mombasa and other destinations but i have been on such a pathetic bus at that price, in this age of pimping vehicles and competition. WI-FI was not working, even the phone charging sockets that you would expect as a basic were not working. What surprised me is that almost all their busses look old apart from one or two. I have learnt that It is important to always read customer reviews before using a new service. Had we looked at their Facebook page before booking we would have been informed. B. Bware's If you pay for premium to travel, don't expect it with Mash East Africa Ltd