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Profile of : "Peris Njeri Maina (Equity Bank)"

Company Name : Peris Njeri Maina (Equity Bank)

Detailed Complaint : LUCY MWARI MARETE has been saving her cash with EQUITY BANK, Kenyatta Avenue, NAKURU. Four years ago, an equity bank employee serving at the same branch criminally transferred/stole a ksh167,000.00 from her account number 0310191773142. The employee involved was PERIS NJERI MAINA. She transferred the amount in two batches; Ksh 127,00.00 to her husband PETER SAMBILI and 40,000 to herself. The theft was reported to the Equity branch involved and the matter was forwarded to court. The tragedy of the matter is the thief was released on a ksh 10,000.00 bond and the hearing set march 2013. That is the last time the Victim was updated on the matter. No other court date has been set to date. The bank has categorically refused to get back every time she communicates. In addition, the lady was auctioned by the same bank over a ksh 150,000.00 she had secured with the same bank. As I write this she is homeless and her daughter has dropped out of Nakuru Girls school over fee arears. The family has gone through hell on earth since. Equity Bank Kenya <<<<>>>> EQUITY BANK FINALLY PAYS By Mugo Wa Wairimu, Over the last fortnight, I've repeatedly highlighted the issue of one LUCY MWARI MARETE who was thrown to poverty after an EQUITY BANK EMPLOYEE four years ago. The bank management was thrown into disarray after I made the gross injustice public. This morning, the bank has credited her account with Ksh 167,000.00 that their employee stole from the customers account FOUR YEARS AGO. Though a step in the right direction, that amount is TOTALLY UNACCEPTABLE. Her son dropped out of school due to the criminal act of the bank employee. The bank went ahead and mercilessly auctioned her household items. JOIN ME IN INSISTING THAT LUCY MUST BE PAID HER FULL DUES, ALL THE INTEREST ACCRUING AND AGGRAVATED DAMAGES. I will be ready to contribute to hire legal services to ensure this is done. My advise to her this morning; Make haste and withdraw all the 167,000.00, transfer it to a different bank, then go ahead and teach Equity bank a lesson. Read my initial post below;