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Profile of : "Fabtrend254-Instagram"

Company Name : Fabtrend254-Instagram

Detailed Complaint : I need help recovering my money from a guy called Sammy. They were trading as Shoetree 254 but have now changed the name to Fabtrends 254 on Instagram. I sent him money, total of 59,200 for shoes he was to deliver in two consignments for my business and I was to pay the balance on delivery of the shoes. My partner and I have been following up on the same for 3 months now and the guy is full of stories and excuses of why the goods have not yet been delivered yet he promised to deliver within 12-15 days after down-payment. Both of us have been pushing him daily with texts and calls and after threatening to take him to the police he finally promised to refund the cash but up to date, he hasn't refunded yet. Kindly help us in calling and texting their numbers till they refund our money before that guy goes back to China. We had borrowed part of the cash and this is really hurting our business since we have no stock and no cash and it's the only source of income we rely on. Their numbers are 0704739156, 0724425126 and WhatsApp +85294575318. We'll really appreciate your help.