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Profile of : "Embassava Sacco"

Company Name : Embassava Sacco

Detailed Complaint : Let me tell you my story (Don't mind my typos coz I'm still stressed) So I go for shopping at House of Leather Panari, and its time to leave. I'm not driving so I cross over to the other side of the road to board a matatu to Bellevue... As I wait to cross over a matatu opts to wait for me. I board it. A Nissan, embassava sacco. The conductor instructs me to sit with the driver, I do so. close the door and we start the journey. Moving on the guy behind me says that the door is not closing so he opens the door from outside and starts instructing me to help him close it. on reaching furniture palace a guy from the back seat shouts that my phone has fallen down. The driver without my instructions stops the car just before Eka hotel and I alight the car to pick my imaginary phones.... You guy, the Embassava leaves without me. I run back crying and all that, I stop a Nduthi guy who helps me look for it but tells me that he suspects I've been stolen from. We go company by company asking to see the CCTV footage and one actually sees me enter the Nissan but can't see the number plate. The next building Equity, before I even describe my ordeal they ask me "wamekuambia ni mlango haifungiki? apparently it happens everyday between 12pm and 1pm. You guy, the Trauma. An iPhone 6+ and a Samsung phone. All gone. How the guy seated next to me managed to get them, I have no idea coz i'm the most careful person ever(I presume) This is a warning to everyone especially ladies, board a Embasava Sacco mat at your own risk. Just yesterday another lady who works for Equity experienced the same. For her,she lost everything, purse,phone, and she was expectant. The Ordeal is crazy...Eka Hotel security refused to help and there is a CCTV right where I alighted... and there is another CCTV (The Government Safaricom Security one's) I don't know anyone in CID unfortunately. If anyone can assist get the Number plates i'll really appreciate. Be on the look out ladies.