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Profile of : "Congress Furniture - Ngara"

Company Name : Congress Furniture - Ngara

Detailed Complaint : I ordered leather seats and TV stand online from a guy called Davis of congress furniture 0717005476 hapo ngara. He brought the TV stand but haikuwa imekauka, so he said I leave it for a day to dry then niweke TV, which i did but till today stand haijawahi kauka so imeanza kucrack and lots of holes on it. When I told him to come repair he said he will pick it when he is bringing the seats. So he brought the seats but while he was taking them upstairs akazirarua cos of scratching them on the wall. I was not home when he delivered the seats. When I arrived ,I saw the tattered leather seats and I called him, and he said he will come to repair. Now he didn't go with the TV stand to repair, but took my old leather seats and he said he will come back to pick the stand. We had agreed he repairs my old seats and sells then we share. Since then, I have asked him when he will come repair my seats and TV stand but he is so rude. He never picks my calls and remember he has my seats worth 50k and he has never given me a shilling. He cannot allow me pick my seats too. I threatened to put the matter on buyer beware and report the matter to the police, he referred me to the owner of the furniture called James of 0729312408 who promised to sort the matter but he has also reached a point he never picks my calls, so am here, they are holding my 5 seater leather seats and they have never repaired the TV stand and seats. Please help me recover my seats.. James Karongo 0729312408 Davis 0717005476 Thanks....