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Profile of : "Watu Technology Ltd"

Company Name : Watu Technology Ltd

Detailed Complaint : I gave Michael Maitho of Watu Technologies two jobs to develop websites for me. I paid the amounts at ago 20k and 8k. The first job, he didn't follow instruction and made his own things. It was a company's website and I had to look for another designer. When we asked for even a partial refund, the company (Watu) demanded that they're the ones who need to be remunerated for the trouble they went through talking to us. When I called the management, they acknowledged that they had received the money and demanded Mpesa statements. So I let go of the 20k Now the second job, the 8k one wasn't even started. The guy has a story everyday for why he won't refund the money as you can see here. This cash is from November 2017. I don't know why some men take money from women and see no issue not returning it. Michael has since blocked me on every platform