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Company Name : 254 Modelling Agency

Detailed Complaint : Anyone ever registered with 254modelling agency and got a job? I tried and discovered its a Con business run by a racist...he called me and other kenyans as begging monkeys. Am actually not angry but feel sad that an expatriate can have a right to call me that in my own country...i feel he should be stopped. It all started when after i registered i kept getting online request to register those regenerated emails which send mails to all clients on their database. when i tried to follow up several times and even requesting that if i wasnt sucessful they should kindly remove my email from their database,but they never responded back only send more emails requesting registration. this was so frustrating that i sent a small email saying if they dont il denounce them publicly for being a fraud...and thats when i got a response from him with abuses. lemme paste the last conversation for you and tell me if you think i should just keep quiet and let him exploit innocent kenyans looking for decent means to survive. On 8/27/14, Angela Mogusu wrote: > This is my final warning to the agency...i shall be forced to announce you > publicly as a CON firm. > > Kind Regards > Angela Human Resources. 254 Modeling Agency. 08:35 (5 hours ago) to me Oh I am really shaking in my boots..When you threaten you areonly making a jack ass out of yourself..Warn away..What can a little fly do to an elephant?! I Advice you to hang yourself today.. You like your fellow poor begging monkeys will never make it in life.. So get it over with. Kenya will be a better place without rubbish like you. Good-day begging for scrapes. On 8/27/14, Human Resources. 254 Modeling Agency. >> -- >> Lizzy Kruger. >> Talent Manager. >> 254 Modeling Agency. >> Argwings Kodhek Rd. >> Hurlingham. >> P.O. Box 40655. >> Nairobi. >> > -- Eddy Meyer. Manager. Human Resources Department. 254 Modeling Agency. Argwings Kodhek Rd. Hurlingham. P.O. Box 40655. Nairobi.