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Profile of : "Total Petrol Stations"

Company Name : Total Petrol Stations

Detailed Complaint : I am sooooooo fed up with Total petrol stations. Last year in December i fueled at Total Kimathi street. I spent 1k. and on reaching Pangani, i stalled.... reason being i ran out on fuel.... went back next day, lodged a complaint and all that the manager could say is..... "our pumps are regularly serviced and there is no way the meter can run without dispensing fuel. i have no doubt the attendant served you for the amount of money".....Fast forward, last week i was on Waiyaki way headed to town and my light came on, afraid of stalling in the traffic, i went into Total near Njuguna's and fueled again for 1K.... the light did not go off. Raised my concern with the manager ....Luke Kamau, who assured me that their pumps are ok and if anything, i should call him. I got to Nakumatt Ridgeways, did a small shopping and guess what? I stalled. I called Kamau and he said that he is sure that their pumps are okay but he will let their overall manager to know and they will call me the next date he does not even answer my calls and they have not called me yet. Meaning he knows what ate what do you handle such cases?