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Profile of : "Kennedy KIRONYO"

Names : Kennedy Gathungu KIRONYO
Other Names : Kironyo Wakimwe
Phone No. : 0720494393, 070173132

Conman Target : An impersonator who claims to be a lawyer, MP, nominated MCA etc. and will con you your monies by all means, be it doing business, be it representing you in court, watch out for him.

Detailed Complaint : Hello members,its exactly 3months since we were conned, i met one (kironyo wakimwe) thru fb real name (Kennedy gathungu) where later he formed a chama where i was a member too, i met him several times and bonded as friends, but on 18th feb i was out industrial area looking for maize orders then the guy called me asking me if we could meet so he could explain a a about the progress of the chama, we met at Taj mall where we shared a cup of tea as talked, he asked me what i was doing those sides and i explained everything to him, he told he was in the same business and in fact he was doing deliveries in makueni county on mon that's on 21st so his lorries were been loaded at kitale, he asked me whether we could do biz with him and beca i was in the maize biz for sometime and with price he was getting a bag of maize at i felt it was a good deal, he explained that he was buying @ bag 1500 and where i was buying i bought @2000, i was convinced it was a good deal he called his suppliers to arrange for my orders mind you his phone on a louder speaker so i was hearing everything, my orders were supposed to be delivered on tbe same mon as his he even called the guys from makueni county explaining of my 300bags of maize deliveries and this time too was on loud speaker so i was sure the deal was real, later we drove on his car to kitengela town to give him the money, after getting the cash i insisted on depositing on his account but explained due to logistics and time cash was much better so i gave him 360k cash form, he was to organise for transport. We parted ways and he promised to deal with the logistic of delivering the consignment by monday as we were using his company. We kept in touch through the phone and even meet and he confirmed the maize was delivered to makueni county. The payment terms were 3 days after delivery. So after the 3 days i called him about the payment. He told me the county of makueni have requested for more bags of maize, so we had to top up the bags to 600 bags. He requested for more money i sent him ksh 100k through mpesa and the rest he was to finance. After one week he called me and he has managed to delivery so we wait for the payment. He was going to use his position we get paid as soon as possible. Since he was nominated MCA for youth at kiambu county that he knew his fellow MCAs@ makueni to be specific the agriculture minister who had organized for our order and the finance for payment. So waited for sometime for the pay like one week.