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Profile of : "Alphonce OMONDI"

Names : Alphonce OMONDI
Other Names : Jamoko Omondi
Phone No. :

Conman Target : Alphonce Omondi alias Jamoko Omondi is a perpetual wife batterer. He has continously beating up his wife to a pulpe and the complaints finally saw the light of day. Now his sorry arse belongs in the Database of Shame, click link for more...

Detailed Complaint : So here we go. This lady has been abused by this man Jamoko Omondi( Facebook) whose real name is Alphonse Omondi who lives in the US who married this woman in 2013 in Kenya. He makes it a habit to come to Kenya and beat her from time to time. This man has been terrorising and abusing this lady since 2013! Right now he is sitting at her work place waiting to attack her. He keeps posting on Facebook calling this woman all sorts of names then asking for forgiveness and doing the same again and again. He lives in Greenspan, Donholm. She has left him but he won't let her go. Shes reported him to the Ngong police Station several times without any help and he stalks her on social media taking her photos and making demeaning posts about her. Many Kenyan men in the US come back to marry Kenyan women with the lie that they will take you to live with them which is the right thing to do but you wait as he abuses you. The American dream is being used by Kenyan men to terrorize and abuse women back home in Kenya. They refuse to divorce you so your hands are tied. In America he will be arrested but in Kenya he gets to walk free. This needs to stop. Even if it means contacting American authorities. This woman need our help as women. We need to make this man accountable for his actions before he kills her. We need to share widely and make a call to the Kenyan police and those in the US to help us get help for her before he kills her. #SHARE please share!!