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Profile of : "Amos MANGULA"

Names : Amos Oningu MANGULA
Other Names :
Phone No. : 0741877757

Conman Target : Amos Oningu Mangula registers in dating sites, comes to your house and steals from you in pretext of asking for water. Watch out for him.

Detailed Complaint : Disclaimer: READ and LEARN, not judge, otherwise utakula mute for 72 hours. Halo dear. Kindly lend me an ear. A friend of mine met this guy on dating site known as badoo. He goes by the name AMOS.They started chatting through his number 0741877757. She later come to know him as AMOS ONINGU MANGULA as registered on MPESA through 0713310505. They had decided to meet on several occasions but plans to meet failed until on 10th February 2018 on Saturday they met around where she stays and he requested for a glass of water at her house. In the evening when he had to leave, he excused himself to get some air. She didn't find it weird as it was indeed hot in the house. She was to give him a push but first she went to the ladies and when she came out she didn't find him. He took her phone(infinix hot 4) and her minilaptop(HP Compaq). She searched for him every where and didn't get him. She had saved his phone numbers on gmail so she was able to recover the same. Through another friend' s phone they possed as the police to try and see if he will be a little bit rattled but he was very rude as he feels he will never be caught. She decided she wants to put it out there even if its not for herself maybe she can save someone else from the trauma. "He might look as a gentleman and treat like you like lady but he is a snake within" those are her words. Kindly assist in circulating this to help other sisters out there. Please do not reveal my identity for security purposes. Please be kind to her she is not a person who trusts easily but in this case she did. She is still beating herself about it. Sometimes shiet happens