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Profile of : "Beatrice WANJIRU"

Names : Beatrice WANJIRU
Other Names : ID No. 28085230
Phone No. : 00254723875190

Conman Target : Beatrice pretends to sell stuff online only to con people from non-existing goods and her conniving skills are not limited to Kenya, she does it in all African groups.

Detailed Complaint : Good day my fellow Africans,my name is zanele from south Africa.I am here wth my situation I believe I will get hep on this platform.I met a lady by the name Beautrice Wanjiru on line . She was advertising some ladies outfits that she claimed she was selling I ordered 20 pieces of them and after all the transactions were done at Western union she blocked me on both her numbers.only to find out after some research that I was not the only one whom she had robbed.last week on Saturday I posted about her and her pics on some of the groups right there in Kenya.and to my surprise my post was removed by the admins of kilimani mums and dads.on Sunday she called me several times a sking me to remove the post in order for her to give my mney back.of which I refused cz I wanted her to pay my money first.on mnday last week she called me wth another lady who said was a police officer,and begged me to remove all the post from other groups coz Fri she was going to send my mney.I did remove the post with the hope of getting my money yesterday.I called her and she gave excuse that it was raining heavily in mombasa but she was going to the mney later that day.and later around 6 she said the network from the bank was the problem.then she said she was going to put my mney back on money gram this my surprise tday she started threatening me and people who are helping me to expose her dirt an extend that the group admin from kilimani mums and dads posted my pic warning people to stop sharing my post or else they will answer to the authority.on below is her pics and my proof of payments together with the picture of mine that they made people not to post on my fellow Africans help me to solve this and to share to different groups.her contacts are 00254723875190.her id is 28085230.I will appreciate to those who are going to help.