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Profile of : "Eric KAGONDU"

Names : Eric KAGONDU
Other Names : ID No:23950584
Phone No. : 0721959094

Conman Target : Eric is a fake car importer. He'll fleece you of your money in the guise of importing a car on your behalf, only to get hold of the car with the intention of selling it off!

Detailed Complaint : Want to sound a great warning to members and the general public not to deal with one Eric Kagondu 0721959094 (True Caller:Eric Kadu) ID No:23950584. He is an outright con artist purpoting to import cars on behalf of clients. Was a victim this mid this year and fortunately after involving the police and CID got my car back. He usually works at Astrol Car Yard right after four ways on Kiambu Road. The individuals selling cars are also on the deal too(Don't purchase a vehicle from there). They dint offer any help despite using their offices and invoices and also vouching for him. After paying a deposit and full amount he went to pick the car in Msa but kept on lying for 5 weeks straight on with different stories everyday. Had to incur extra costs of going to Msa of which we tracked him and nabbed him with the CID personel after which we got to know he wanted to resell the car and he doesn't even imoprt the cars himself.