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Profile of : "Desmond MAOGA"

Names : Desmond Gesora MAOGA
Other Names :
Phone No. :

Conman Target : Works as a driver, he will take your car, work with it, not pay you a single money and intentionally damage the car. Be warned.

Detailed Complaint : Desmond I gave you my car in good faith and you decided to bang it ,took a stone ukagonga hadi mirrors,stole my spair wheel akina jerks and my 6k... I can tell you for free am dedicating my entire life in looking for you,, you will be a lesson to other partners who have such ill motives,, you can run all you want . Car owners be warned of this guy. Desmond had only worked for four days, the agreement was paying daily,, it goes without saying he only paid once,, he would make fake mpesa texts ati he sent the money.. would call safaricom and there would be nothing like him sending the money,, nikimuuliza anasema alireverse by mistake,, my question is,, where did he get the text then if he reversed,, and how comes there is no statement kwa safaricom.. It was around 10 when I switched off the car,. Nilienda around 4 only to find the car unlocked and the key inside,, He was mteja all this while,, This guy is a trained con be warned