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Profile of : "Felix JUMA"

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Names : Felix Otieno JUMA
Other Names :
Phone No. : 00254 740 346026

Conman Target : Felix will pick up your information from LinkedIn and notifies you of a fake job opportunity and it all goes downhill from there...

Detailed Complaint : Good afternoon members. I want to bring to your attention of a conman by the name FELIX OTIENO JUMA who has been in the game of defrauding Kenyans in the pretext of securing them non existent jobs. He has a very fake American accent that you could mistake for being genuine. I have attached the evidence of his conniving ways. He picks your email address either from LinkedIn profile then notifies you of an opportunity for their client who is recruiting. Woe unto you if you fall into their trick. He will start by asking for a very little amount to process your documents then it will be a series of back and forth communication with email and follow up on calls to make payments through Dr. Felix Juma. If you find an email with the following : And you find the name Dr. Felix Juma, just do a Google Search and you'll find the listed as one of the most notable scammers. Don't fall for it. Ignore and block. I did a Google Search and was shocked with the results(attached screenshots) BE ON THE WATCHOUT FOR THESE FRAUDSTERS.