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Profile of : "Miles ATSU"

Names : Miles ATSU
Other Names :
Phone No. : 00254 743 159569

Conman Target : Miles lures Mpesa agents and steals from them. Be watchful of his looks and smart tongue.

Detailed Complaint : I worked in an mpesa shop and Miles Atsu used to come there frequently. He was friendly n I didn't suspect he was a con. So one day when he came to transact money in the Mpesa place, he was in the company of a man whom he claimed to be his cousin, he said his names was Kevin Omondi. I guess Miles brought Kevin along so that I could trust him coz that day he asked me to go to his car for only five minutes because he wanted to show me something. I hesitated but he insisted and I decided to go have a look. So we entered the car and he had some white papers, he told me they were microfilms, he packed them against original 1000 Bob notes and put them in a black paper, and injected some yellowish liquid, then washed them and told me to confirm if they were original. He then asked asked me to get him money from our mpesa which he would return with profit. I refused. So the next day he came to transact money again, and since I didn't have balance l left to the nearest shop to get him change and when I came back the kasmall kadrawer that had money was empty. I called him to ask him to return the money but he didn't pick my calls. So I wrote a statement at the police station and the police called him to report to the station. After that Miles called me and told me that the money iko kwa some mhindi and he needs more money to get the money out. I was stressed n I was afraid my mum would find out that I had lost money. So I asked him to assure me that I would get the money back. He promised that if I sent 23k he would bring back everything.The police told me than Miles had told them that he had returned my money. I told the police that he had not returned my money. They asked me to give them kitu kidogo wanisaidie kumfuata. I did not feel like the police took my case seriously. Miles also told me that the police cannot help me because he is well connected. So he said I just send him the 23k if I want my money back. So I sent him the money and after that he switched off the phone. I was so shocked and decided to tell my mum about it. Later Miles called me, he said that he had called the police and said that he had returned the money so the police dropped the case. I didn't know what to do, but I felt desperate and I can't trust the police to help trace him and get my money back. So my mum decided that we should just move on and let it go but to me its still the worst situation I put my mum through because she has to pay back all that money.