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Profile of : "Elvis JULIANS"

Names : Elvis JULIANS
Other Names : Eli Computers
Phone No. : 0722584916

Conman Target : Elis steals from his clients and swindles them of their hard earned monies

Detailed Complaint : Number 1. Hon Tykoon sijui Elvis Julians you took 56 thousand kenya shillings from my daughter more than two years ago and never delivered her phone. This child gave you most of her savings and I topped up. It was to be her birthday present. I have followed it up with you on WA and you played smart. Up until 2 weeks ago I didn't have your FB details. Then see God. You just had to send me a friend request. On top of that you took my second born blue HP laptop for repair and an iPhone 4s for repair. I'm shaming you here then next is buyer beware. I have posted tour contacts for all to see. And will subsequently post all receipts. Number 2. We've just had the above discussion and you say you don't care and ready for anything. Watch this space in the next few hours. Let me finish my Saturday cleaning and laundry then come back.