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Profile of : "Stephen ALALA"

Names : Stephen Wabomba ALALA
Other Names :
Phone No. :

Conman Target : Owner of Venture Capital

Detailed Complaint : I am once again appealing to the family and friends of my erstwhile very good friend Stephen Alala the proprietor of Venture Capital the brother of my one esteemed Phillip 'Battousai' Walubengo to assist me recover from 300,000.ksh that constituted my entire employees pension contribution I lent him as a friend for business capital for him to do business with and a car as agreed. Attempts to follow up the matter with him and the police went the same way as they usually do when you are a common mwananchi with no god fathers. Nowhere. I have resorted to appealing to his family after waiting for the last 5 years in the hope that the good faith we shared as friends will prevail. So far or hasn't. Stephen Wabomba Alala am still waiting for my money"