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Profile of : "David MUTUA"

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Names : David Kitheka MUTUA
Other Names : David Kathaka, David Mutua, Daudi Blessing, Ben Gi
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Conman Target : IT specialist, targets women via FB and public transport, lures and charms you then pulls a fast one on your bank account. Claims to work for Safaricom, promises ghost jobs on payment.

Detailed Complaint : David Kitheka Mutua, an IT specialist from Kangundo, had set up a Facebook page with Citizen TV's news anchor Kirigo Ng'arua details. Complete with photos and information about the news anchor, the page looked legitimate to any ordinary “Facebooker”. Further, the man even had a registered M-Pesa line with Kirigo’s name, just to ward off any suspicion. The man would post information purporting to be Ng’arua’s just to receive money from “wellwishers”. In one message the man claimed Ng’arua’s parents were unwell and that she urgently needed money to enable her attend to them. He would then approach people who befriended Ng’arua on fake Facebook account and post a message with the mobile phone number. Of course people would then send money to the mobile number. After days of intense tracking, Kitheka was arrested at an M-Pesa shop withdrawing his loot. Ng’arua said she learnt of the con artist after some of her friends received the messages and that’s when she reported the matter to the police station. Ironically, the guy apologized to Kirigo claiming he is just another jobless man trying to make ends meet. He said that he had recently returned from Uganda and currently had no job. According to him, he only needed 18,000/- to rent a servant quarter in Nairobi. He currently targets women, he will befriend you on FB and on public transport, lure you, charm you, then pull a very fast con on you. Please check if he is on your friends list and mark him up, or better still get rid of him, unless you know each other well enough not to fall prey. He has conned a lady under the pretence of getting her friend or relative some job at Safaricom. He purports to work for Safaricom ; which we have since established as untrue. Still in hiding..