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Profile of : "Donald OUKO"

Names : Donald J OUKO
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Conman Target : Love scammer, con artist, FB is his hunting grounds

Detailed Complaint : this guy is the worst love scammer! He cons and steals too! LOOOOVES jewelry, phones and Forex! Other people's!! My experience; I met him when I was vulnerable; he got into my life promising heaven! He said he worked for a Diamond company in SA called Debeers! Said he was a PhD holder from some Uni in the states! First month, his ex wife, African American had started a fight with her boyfriend, hse got burnt with his daughter inside; daughter died in the fire, needed 100k to send for burial, documentation and to facilitate access to life insurance cash; I gave. Next, he bought land in UG which a certain mall needed to hire as parking lot and he needs to Cabro work it...he would return with cash to pay back - I gave; three...he took me to a half complete construction site in Zimmerman - said it was his; even had a key to the caretakers hse - later learnt that he lived there and that hse belonged to the chic he dumped for me! He still had access! That building...story was, he had been avoiding tax and now his property was being attached! But he would 'escape' if he paid this lawyer 100k to have his name expunged from kRA list! Infact, previous day, a certain guy had given him a cheque from a goat farming business they did together; I saw it; so I knew money was coming! I gave more money; He was farming in house farming; every so often he would bring me vegetables (now I know they were from kiosk) lol! He said he was farming for export! I was enthusiastic about this young man...working hard; going places and I was willing to invest in the rship. Meantime, he had shared emails from his boss saying they were working on his job case (he was waiting to be posted to a new market)...but there was an audit going on there..because the previous country manager had messed up; so they had to clean up before he was posted; one day he dropped the bomb! His boss wrote to say he had been dismissed! What did that mean? He now had no job! I remember asking him where the rent from the flat was going...he said the flat was co-owned by his boss who wasn't Kenyan and the first huge investment was made by boss, so they had agreed to recuperate part of his boss' investment before he could begin to collect rent! I swallowed; there r many more stories! I can't write all! Overall, he conned me a lot of money! I had to break up with him; found out thro inboxes how he coned tens of other women! He is a criminal...I still hope to get my money back! Counting on this group to help me!! he tried to hit on me, he had been an fb pal for day there was a heated political debate on my wall (it was known for those then).he followed me on my inbox for a continuation of the discussion where he had really supported me relentlessly. therein I was told about debeers, naivasha vegetable farm. he was single undergoing a divorce from his wife who was having an affair with KRA's head honcho prof Njuguna (buahahahaha) I was offered lunch but he couldn't make it because he was in Naivasha at his huge farm. well lunch never happened but the drinks with kina Njeru did the next day where we were regaled with tales of opulence including the 10,000 acre fort tenan home and zimmerman rental homes that the 'cheating ex' was not letting go of. but I could not help but notice the contradiction seeing as he had said he grew up dirt poor in Nyalenda, but here is 10,000 acres bestowed on the dad by his friend Jomo. haidhuru. another notable thing was how his cygnus lexus had been prenged by his baby cousin so I had to drop him at the stanley each time so he can hitch a ride to his Karen home with his uncle. Friday same week he shows up at my office in a dilapidated cab with a huge bouquet of flowers that I couldn't even see his face waaaa sema a stir AACC was on fire, from the mama soldier to our tea gal. I digress, he took my colleagues and I for extended lunch seeingas he wasn't leaving the office. anyway we met Njeru that evening together with my colleaguewhose date knew Don very well. Where do I start? This Donald is my rela. The family knows him as a thug and give him a wide berth. His mother wants nothing to do with him. He did "kill" her, but she is alive and breathing. he preys off women with money, its like his nose has a detector. I have warned my friends that he has friended on FB, as well. He once brought a lady to Kisumu, borrowed all her money coz he only had dollars, stole her laptop and crossed home to Nyalenda. My cousin, whom he had introduced to the lady had to bail her out with fare to Nairobi! I hear he is presently collecting money because his son needs an operation. He has no son. Child belongs to one of his victims, who is here by the way. Open your heart, you will help other sisters. He is good at his stuff, very good His mapenzi is moto. So, he makes friends on FB. Goes through your wall, your friends profiles. Some people are clueless, your life is on your wall and accessible to all. By the time he is approaching you, he has an FBI file on you. He has the smoothest lyrics. He dated this lady who worked in UNICEF, and got a spouse card. That is how he got his UN job! Used this ladys money to reel in other victims. One was even told to her face, she told the tellers they dont know how to deal with men! He stole stuff from her house, almost sold her furniture from under her feet, would bring women to her house when she travelled, with her son right there! poor child!