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Profile of : "Chris KINOYA"

Names : Chris Ledama KINOYA
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Conman Target : Dissapeared with an Acer laptop worth 39k

Detailed Complaint : Please help me shame some man here by the name Chris Ledama Kinoya whose photos appear below.This not so wise man was my neighbor at Umoja road Ongata Rongai.One day he borrowed my laptop an Acer worth 39k because his power had been disconnected due to lack of payment.Mind you i was a student and all my docs were saved there.He wanted to watch something with the charged laptop.The next day i expected him to return he said if i could lend him till Tuesday because he had a project to do.Since i would be having a presentation at school on wednesday i would get it on that tuesday.Shock on me wen i got back home from church that sunday he had moved out with his clothes n padlock.He left an old mattress n some old furniture so that the caretaker would think he has not moved.I tried calling him but he kept telling me i will give you tomorrow tomorrow to date.It was in early 2010.I sort a mutual friend on facebook who i told what happened and soon after he called me saying aliibiwa while in uganda.My friend that was so cheap of you.I moved on but let people know you are a cheap con.I went to the police and even hav an OB number.