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Profile of : "Jacinta MUTHONI"

Names : Jacinta MUTHONI
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Conman Target : Sells land to two different people and owes 520K

Detailed Complaint : This lady Jacinta Muthoni on – was selling land which my mother paid a deposit of 520,000/-. On payment the rest of the family said that the land was not really hers. So the land was blocked from being sold by the rest of the family members. So for the last couple of years my mum has been waiting for the land to be cleared for sale and she pays the rest. Only to learn that the lady had already tried selling the land to someone else who had already paid her 3,000,000/-. Now my mu wants her money back but since September 2013 this lady has been lying and lying and we have had enough. We really need the money. Where do we start? We have only told the chief and our Lawyer but we are not sure what will work at this point. The last agreement is here in which she was supposed to pay within a month