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Profile of : "Anthony MUTUA"

Names : Anthony MUTUA
Other Names :
Phone No. : 0729001057

Conman Target : Claims to sell stuff but never delivers after payment

Detailed Complaint : Take a good look at this guy and stay away from him and his products or his fake company . his name is Anthony mutua his number is 0729001057, last week i ordered a pair of his shoes which can contain portable chargers inside i paid a deposit and the shoes were to be ready by monday , i called him on monday he dint reply i texted him and sent him a facebook message and he replied saying the shoes would be ready by today , today the guy insisted i send him money for delivery despite my resistance on paying fully for something id not seen he insisted i send money for delivery , when i finally did the guy went silent ,and when i called and texted him he said he was''oRGANISING '' for the dlivery , after sometime of waiting with no reply i called safaricom and they told me the guy had cleared his mpesa including some extra money id sent by mistake and asked him to return , long story short the guy is now in hiding and will soon be leaving for some competition to represent kenya with his product , but he is just a plain thief and id advise you to avoid the trap i fell into