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Profile of : "Eunice MUIRIMU"

Names : Eunice MUIRIMU
Other Names : Wanja Bypass (Accomplices Irungu, Njoroge, Njau)
Phone No. : 0720108419, 0721904025

Conman Target : Operates from OLX, buys stuff and offers fake cheques

Detailed Complaint : A friend of mine posted on OLX that he was selling broiler chicken the said lady called him and agreed to come view them as they agreed on the price, she came and agreed to buy at 350. it was agreed that she will come the following day and said that since she works for his uncles place they dont pay cash they issue banker cheque with no cause of alarm my friend agreed and come the following day the lady sent someone with a taxi guy to come for the chicken, together with a bankers cheque of 66k, took the bankers cheque at Co-op Bank Kiambu as received only to check 4 days later and was told to go record a statement since the Bankers cheque was fake, we have since learnt that the lady is a broker at City market. we were connected with the guy who she sells to at city market but he was not willing to help. Efforts to find her have been unfruitful and her mobile numbers are off. Anyone with information on her whereabouts please help