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Profile of : "Anne SYOKAU"

Names : Anne Mwikali SYOKAU
Other Names : Anne Mwikali
Phone No. :

Conman Target : Cons mostly farmers, in the pretext that she is doing business selling either potatoes, cabbages, onions in bulk. She works hand in hand with the husband Jeremy Serem.

Detailed Complaint : Just incase you missed out on part 3, you can catch up with it here before reading any further. For starters, I don't feel conned, coz it's the least I expected from her. But after tonnes of other people came out crying foul, that is when it downed on me that I've actually been conned. From someone who spends time talking about her personal issues like lots of other member does in the group, the bond was already formed and we were friends, or so I thought! She pursuaded me even upto the last minute of how innocent she is, how can one person be accused of all those undoings, as in she depicted the best of selective amnesia!! Anyway, just after things started going on all wrong and word had it that she was going to be exposed in the other groups, kina Hello Mama, Soko Kuu, Farming Kenya etcetra, she came up with her first post, stating; Maryanne Mwikali Ladies let me say this here maybe someone will believe in me here and help me. My failure is coming form my hubby Jeremy Serem (in the photo) and mum. Hubby i got married to this man three years at the age of 22years. He used to work for his sisters but got sacked why caz of woemn and drinking. I am a victim of abuse in marriage. I have been treated of STIS like a million times. I have been treated of injuried from violence like a million times. He cant pay rent cant buy food cant sustain a job or contract caz atakunywa na kuleta wanawake kwangu when am their. But i have no place to go reason my mum beleievs in ukae kwa bwana hata kama unauliwa. My mum is single and HIV POSITIVE. Everytime i ran to her she will thro us out in the name of i am married. This was in LV...she thought seeking sympathy would make me stop from going public on her conniving arse. So, now that he decided to out the hubby, who other people have stated they work together with in the conning business, and the whole family who now resides in Shabaab in Nakuru, they decided to throw her out. And the woman had the guts to beg me to pull down the blog as they are not good for her reputation, potential employers fish cake! The hell she didn't think about that before hitting on hardworking kenyans. Members hit on her and she kept typing out rhetorics all the while seeking sympathy; Maryanne Mwikali Janette i requested for you number i atleat meet you pour out my heart but i couldnt singepewa ruhusa. Anyway am sure soon nitaishi vizuri na maneno yataisha. Lillies: who did you request for Janette s number??and who denied you ruhusa or who was to give you ruhusa??come on Maryanne Mwikali you can do better than this Maryanne Mwikali I requested Janette number ndio we meet in Nakuru atleat we share caz that time i has posted here kwamba am going thro alot then i couldnt make meet her caz i was told my lady friends ndio uniharibu. Lillian i said whoever believes in me will help me hata kama sio pesa but ki akili atleast. Stile; Maryanne Mwikali NANI ALIKUNYIMA NUMBER YA Jane? Maryanne Mwikali Stella sikunyimwa. She gave it to me but singepata hata ruhusa ya kwenda kumuona caz i was told the ladies am meeting ndio wananiharibu and that time i had run away to my uncles place. He came explained it its like mimi ndio mbaya and my mums family believe kama umeolewa uende zako and my mu kuwa ni single mum then am told how to both of us kaa kwetu mama hajaolewa masichana hajaolewa? Jane; Maryanne lemmi jog your mind,when you were in Nakuru you only posted that you had come to see your relatives because hubby was apparently was busy with campaigns za one of the moi's son,you later on posted that hubb wanted you back home.Right? In the spirit of trasnparency,LV style why didn't you post this then??? Maryanne Mwikali Janette i posted how i never bothered about us and i went away and caz i knew what i would go thro singerudi. I have alwaiza wanted to cover my family i have alwaiza thot one day he will change i have alwaiza thot ond day we shall live in peace one day my life will be better that has alwaiz bn my prayer Sue; This same Maryanne trying to paint her husband in bad light yet there's a post she was talking of how she had gone to her parents place and the husband demanded an apology...someone dig that up for us coz am unable to... Maryanne Mwikali Suzanne the reason alisema ni apologise is caz mimi nikama prisoner wake. I came wrote it here to get arelief of the things he puts me thro. There was so much from other members but that's irrelevant on this post. A conwoman praying to stop the habit. The trend is, she cons people of the monies, then sustains her in-laws with the same... She targets mostly farmers and those in the horticulture or agriculture business in general, so guys, forewarned is forearmed! By now, I feel conned.