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Profile of : "Jeremy SEREM"

Names : Jeremy SEREM
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Conman Target : A family cartel that organises to con mostly farmers, worked with Anne Mwikali in Nakuru and are known to threaten their victims.

Detailed Complaint : Jeremy Serem worked hand in hand with the wife Maryanne Mwikali and would use her to extort money from other people online. They conned Suzanne of Kshs. 110,000 and when the issue was brought into public, the family had agreed to pay and then one thing led to another and the monies were never paid. Suzanne said that she is not going to relent until the monies have been paid no matter how long it takes. This is what she had to say; "Ladies let me say this here maybe someone will believe in me here and help me. My failure is coming form my hubby Jeremy Serem (in the photo) and mum. Hubby i got married to this man three years at the age of 22years. He used to work for his sisters but got sacked why caz of woemn and drinking. I am a victim of abuse in marriage. I have been treated of STIS like a million times. I have been treated of injuried from violence like a million times. He cant pay rent cant buy food cant sustain a job or contract caz atakunywa na kuleta wanawake kwangu when am their. But i have no place to go reason my mum beleievs in ukae kwa bwana hata kama unauliwa. My mum is single and HIV POSITIVE. Everytime i ran to her she will thro us out in the name of i am married."