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Profile of : "Caren GIESEN"

Names : Caren GIESEN
Other Names : East African Media Institute, Moi Ave-Nairobi
Phone No. : 0725908145

Conman Target : The school dupes parents and students, register at your own risk! There are currently no lecturers, hence no lessons.

Detailed Complaint : Classes for last semester of the year were to resume on 2nd September 2014. When the students resumed, there were no lecturers to teach. Before the close of the last semester, the Principal Mr. Orleans Onindo 0723260435 had complained during a class session that the teaching staff were owed alot of money in salaries.(today he says he lefy in June after being owed 2yr salary and had only gone there to help his students). Upto date, two weeks later, classes have not resumed despite students paying fees and exam fees! Efforts to reach the director are fruitless as she will not pick any calls. The receptionist, Frank will not help to reach her either. He will come up with all sorts of stories like she's in a church meeting, for two weeks! The director has not communicated with the parents or students for an explanation, apology or reassurance. (One parent told me today she received a letter saying school is closing down due to lack of funds as some parents arent paying. Shes not owed money by the school though). The director will not pick calls! After paying fees and exam fees for external exams coming soon, we feel she should be exposed because there's no other way of finding her. She has gone underground! Students have lost two weeks of class time already. The receptionist had said classes will resume by last Monday, other students were told Tuesday which changed to 15th Sept. Till now the doors are closed,not a trace of a single person. Today one parent said she received a letter at the end of last semester saying the school has closed down due to lack of funds. The other parents iv spoken to werent informed, some have paid sch fees for two years! Question, why did she collect exam fees just before close of last semester knowing well school would close? Why were some parents told school would close down and not others? Why is some of her staff making empty promises of school reopening yet some people are aware that the school closed down? Why has she refused to pick calls? Where is the money of those who have paid fees and exam fees for ICM exams in December? (28k exam fees). Help us expose this director since shes not reachable anywhere!