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Profile of : "Franklin AKOKO"

Names : Franklin AKOKO
Other Names :
Phone No. : 0721361622

Conman Target : Franklin Akoko is a young CEO who Sabrina relied on for advice on investment. He has swindled her business monies little by little and has totally refused to pay up.

Detailed Complaint : I never knew i could do this, but please help me get my cash back. Franklin Akoko.Early february i met this man. He was featured in young CEOs of ALTIME MANAGEMENT CONSULTANTS LIMITED in the newspaper after sometimes being my friend in fb and having chat 4 sometimes i asked him to help me with a 100K business idea. I had 100k which i dint know what to invest on. he told me to open a printing bureau and he was to get me aroom at JKUAT-Ruiru. i started by ordering some desktop comps n b4 i could complete the deal he was on a fix. he told me he is to travel to Korea n need 10K loan. which was to be refunded. I sent 5K instead 3,100 Transaction no.[ETO3UW283] date 8/3/2014 to his number 0721361622 AKOKO ONYANGO and 2,030 Transaction no [ET41FU505] date 11/3/2014 to the sister Laureen Awuor 0723893980.I doubt if he went to Korea because his whatssup was always on. I myself av never been past Uganda and Tz maybe those who have gone overseas can tell me.whenever you travel do your whatssup remain online na safaricom no? He came let me believe so had another business plan WINES and SPIRIT wholesale and retail which was to be opened at Ummoinner.He told me hel contribute half i do the same so i was to contribute 100K. He told me he has used his cash to order for wine from KWAL because there was an offer so 100K he was in a position to purchase wine worth 180K and that my money will be used to renovate the house. I bought that and sent 20,180 [EX92JN887] date 16/4/14 at 5:26pm to 0721361622 AKOKO ONYANGO. was told fundis were doing their work and that the need some cash to proceed. had some cash which was yet to mature he could not hear that and even told me to borrow my dad. we almost disageed with my bro over this cz he was against it. hahaha sema kupendwa sasa. enyewe love is blind.on 29/4/2014 at 5:13 pm i sent 5,000 [EZ45QN703] to 0722518896 AKOKO ONYANGO after being told job imesimama calls after call whenever he needed cash. two days later job ikasimama i was to send 10K but instead the lady i sent alituma 1600 [EZ66VG170] date 1/5/2014 at 12:14pm. he called asking y had sent less money n i told him my gal was to send 5k bt sent that. on 6/5/2014 at 6:03pm i sent 5,060 [FA36SP093] to 0721361622 AKOKO ONYANGO.after being told since sijatuma pesa he was closing the house cz hawezi lipa rent n no work is being done,with only few days left for my money to mature i sent that he was to addd 3k alipe rent. only to learn hiyo nyumba ni kama haiko. on 9th may was to pick 60K frm Equity to conseal the deal. i did so but wen he called on 10th i told him sijachukua. while standing at the mpesa shop something told me not to send cash i waited for him to call n told him sina pesa ati hii pesa ninayo ni kidogo sana n siwezijinyima nitakacho so av no money. he said ok. from there he never called only to resurface on July 25 that he is on afix n need my aid 35K he wil refund in aweeks time. i told him namtafutia yet deep inside i had n singempa. How foolish could i be after faking to be on afix 3 times only to be told POLE. hahaha.He even wanted to know when i will be in a possition to assist. i told him al let him know. Early August told him i need my things thats timber,nails and paint he claimed he bought with my cash 26K to told me he is out of town n will be back mid Sep n hajui where receipt iko. i had to wait despite seeing his post that he is going to church somewea along Ngong road. i only know of one Ngong in Nairobi maybe ni mimi sijatembea. i had to wait yes, on 12th sep i reminded him that its 3 days to mid Sep only to be told he wil tel me wen he is back. nikauliza do i have to wait even if it is next year please tell me exact date hehehe akanijibu DNT PUSH ME BRENDA. i dint gave up foolowed by sending texts n fb inbox only to be blocked and calls too cnt go through. If any one meet him tell him the journey has started he pressed the wrong button madharau ndogo ndogo haisaidii i will ashame him here. did alot to you that mentioning here Mr. CEO ni aibu kwako. stand tall and give me back my money.