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Profile of : "Pastor Samuel MUHEA"

Names : Pastor Samuel MUHEA
Other Names : Samuel Dollar, Blazer
Phone No. : 072388080, 0726533019,

Conman Target : Wanted for obtaining goods with false pretense to pay for the same.

Detailed Complaint : Name: Samuel Muhea Aka Samuel Dollar Profession Pastor/Man of God Contact Numbers: +25472388080,+254726533019,+254720758516 Facebook IDs: Muhea Samuel (Blazer) Samuel Dollar Buyer Beware of one Samuel Muhea Alias Samuel Dollar. A man well known by many as man of God and a Pastor, a public and motivational speaker, a successful entrepreneur and businessman (as he claimed) and icon of inspiration to his folks and congregation. Is very eloquent in his choice of words with supporting scriptures from the Holy Book Has traversed the globe preaching the word of God, healing and empowering women as he claims. But has a very dark side also. I met Sam through very respectable Men and Women of the Church here in Dubai, I hosted them very well, fed him drove him around and even bought him a souvenir Phone to take back with him to Kenya. This was following discussions of various business proposals, besides the religion aspect, which he purported to be engaged in. It is such a shame that from the group he turned out to be a rogue Pastor, an embarrassment to the rest and detached himself from the rest after swindling me. In brief I send Sam Dollar some goods worth more than 400,000/= KSHS which he was to sell and take his commission and deposit 400,000/= KSHS to my Account as agreed. Sam became very doggy after receiving the two shipments one from Africa Salihiya ( Evidence attached) and one delivered to him via KQ Cabin crew(Witness number one) . This was in the year 2013 around April 11th. Sam Dollar refused to pick my calls changed his numbers and last send me a rude message stating he will not pay and if I want to use force he is ready for me. I have tried engaging private investigators but he proved to be too elusive and private investigators are a scam on their own also. I may have no chance of recovering the money but Wacha mwizi Amulikwe. I have all the email communication and Watsapp chat to support, name and shame Samuel Dollar. Buyer Beware of Samuel Dollar aka Pastor Sam Dollar.