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Profile of : "Fred SALATON"

Names : Fred SALATON
Other Names : Kinayia, Ntimama
Phone No. :

Conman Target : He borrowed Kshs. 500,000 and to date hasn't paid half of it, 3 years down the line.

Detailed Complaint : Please beware of this man: Fred Salaton aka Fred Kinayia aka Fred Ntimama. I made the mistake of lending him money. Despite signing 2 agreements and offering a payment plan (which Atty helped negotiate for me), he continues to lie and avoid payment. Out of a total of 500k he has only paid approximately 100k 3 years down the line. He will even send you pictures of cheques which he claims to be depositing but will never come through. These are his most common lies: •He's in the business of exporting meat •He owns a farm in Kiserian •He owns a hotel at the Coast •He's in Dubai trying to get money from the people he supplies meat to (I found out he was actually in Dubai but his business there was to con someone else who is also looking for him now) •He's selling something or other to cover the debt •He has a car which he'll give you as collateral or land which he'll also give you to sell and recover your money. When I asked about the title he had no clue what a title is. •His family (supposedly the Ntimamas) are against him for some reason or other and are fighting over his property •His lawyer is Gitobu Imanyara He was once arrested and was at langata police station and he called me for help. The cops told me the charge was obtaining under false pretenses. Trying to recover my money has become an exercise in futility. If you see him please run the other way. I have lost all hope of recovering my money. This is just a warning so you do not fall victim either.