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Profile of : "Eglon KITAWI"

Names : Eglon KITAWI
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Conman Target : Was sent to pick a car in Sept 2008 but decided to pocket part of the money, which the owner is reclaiming to date.

Detailed Complaint : On Sept 2008,I sent one EGLON KITAWI to collect my new car from SHAMI TRADING CO.,MSA as I myself could not travel because I was expectant...i gave him ksh400k cash,his witness was the then DCIO BURUBURU,Mr.MNAZI....n my husband on my side....i sent him a balance of 60k via mpesa(I still have the msgs)He delivered the car minus the documents which apparently he had forgotten....i even gave him fare to go back for forward,he refused to pick my calls n every attempt to reach him was in vain...i decided to travel to MSA to pick them,shock on me!!!!the guy had given shami funny excuses n took off with the car having not paid for it in full...there was a balance of 160k....i had to clear this so shami could give me the documents.....The actual cost of the car was 440k in total,so that means he conned me 20k....i reported to CID but nothing was done,tried talking to that DCIO to no avail,he always avoided me n at one time he threw me out of his office....This conman then was a very good friend to Mike sonko...they used to hangout wao watatu sonko,kitawi $mnazi alot....He then went underground till I came across him here in fb,he ought to know that I still need my 180k!!!