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Profile of : "Musau MUSAU"

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Names : Musau MUSAU
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Phone No. : 0719333373

Conman Target : Bought goods on credit worth Kshs.10k, and has refused to pay.

Detailed Complaint : Hi all, I need some advice, there's this guy who bought goods from me on credit in june 2014, he promised to settle the bll of 10,000ksh by end of june, he did not keep his promise and when I called him to ask for the cash, he was very rude and arrogant and said he won't pay. I asked him to bring back the goods if he wasn't able to pay but he didn't, lately when I call him, he either hangs up or receives the call but doesn't say anything, his name is Musau, he lives in imara daima area(don't know exact location)