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Profile of : "Walter AKOLO"

Names : Walter AKOLO
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Conman Target : Walter runs a pyramid scheme in disguise and we all know how such end, bankruot! So invest with him at your own risk

Detailed Complaint : Walter Akolo is lying to his investors and just paying those one he knows can cause problems. He is having a plan of declaring Bankrupt that is why he keeps on postponing his payments to those that are not aware. I post it here to open your eyes. Other than those other investors, he ows me 1.2m and my mum sum of 200k that he has failed to pay and blocked me yesterday from Facebook officially. Walter investors this is the news. If you see it well in buyers be aware updates, I commend on a post of pastor kanyari yesterday complaining about Walter and was as well deleted. And in buyers be aware kenya I am removed and blocked having posted about Walter Akolo